Mailman Vhost Stuff

Note (2008-01-16): This stuff will return to the proper servers in 2008-01.

00README.VHOST is the description of the what, who, why, and how.

The mailman-2.1.7-*.patch files are extracted from the git repository at
    (currently off-line, will return in 2008-01)

The authoritative source is the git repository (will (2008-01-16)
be migrated to bzr as mailman upstream uses bzr now).

The vhost branch has been based on the Mailman 2.1.7 release with
Tokio Kikuchi's mailman-2.1.7-patch-20060114.txt patch (#1405790).

This means that the patches from the 2.1.7 release and
from the 2.1.7 release + 20060114 to the vhost branch are actually
useful, while the others are just for convenience.

The vhost branch will (2006-03-10) probably be ported to 2.1.8 first,
then to the 2.2 branch.

The mailman-vh-2.1.[57].patch is the "true virtual hosting" patch from
[ 943827 ] true virtual hosting patch for 2.1.

Description of files:

"true virtual hosting" patch for 2.1.5 mailman-vh-2.1.5.patch
"true virtual hosting" patch ported to 2.1.7 mailman-vh-2.1.7.patch

Tokio's 20060114 patch for Mailman 2.1.7                        mailman-2.1.7-release-to-20060114.patch

patch from 2.1.7 + mailman-vh-2.1.7.patch to the "vhost branch" mailman-2.1.7-truevhost-to-vhost.patch
patch from 2.1.7 to the "vhost branch"                          mailman-2.1.7-release-to-vhost.patch
patch from 2.1.7 + 20060114.patch to the "vhost branch"         mailman-2.1.7-20060114-to-vhost.patch
patch from 2.1-maint CVS branch to the "vhost branch" (NOT PORTED!)            mailman-2.1-maint-to-vhost.patch
patch from CVS HEAD (MM2.2) to the (2.1?) "vhost branch" (NOT PORTED!)         mailman-HEAD-to-vhost.patch

Apply/revert patch to installed Mailman version for testing
Status of internal_name() result usage audit                  TODO.internal_name